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Dailymotion streaming live news from Al Jazeera English, BBC World News, France24, and Bloomberg


Online aggregator of live TV news channels Livestation has signed a deal with Dailymotion for the integration of the multi channel service on the video site. The announcement comes at a crucial time as the demand for live news coverage has grown dramatically over the recent past in connection with the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt.

The news service will enable Dailymotion users to access the leading international news channels available on the Livestation service directly from the Dailymotion website ( Livestation partner channels include Al Jazeera English, BBC World News, France24, euronews, Bloomberg and several others. Most of the news live feeds will be available worldwide, with few of them blocked in some territories, mainly for rights reasons.

Luc Dumont, VP International Dailymotion, commented in a press release: “The partnership with Livestation is yet another key step to provide the Dailymotion users with quality and timely video news information, across the World and in multiple languages. The mix between on-demand and live news will make the coverage of major world events even more compelling than before“.

“We are very proud to be able to provide access to live world events to the very large audience of Dailymotion. We have seen a constant and growing demand for live news online since our launch two years ago as people turn to the internet more and more to find out what’s happening in this increasingly flat world”, said Matteo Berlucchi, founder of Livestation, in a statement.

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