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Dailymotion launches live-streaming gaming platform to compete with Twitch

Source: VentureBeat

Dailymotion today announced the launch of Dailymotion Games, a new live-streaming platform for gamers that is taking dead aim at the explosive success of Amazon’s Twitch service.

Like Twitch, Dailymotion says its new platform will provide a way for everyone from casual gamers to electronic sports celebrities to broadcast their play live to fans.

Dailymotion says that gaming already generates 180 million video views every month and draws 11 million unique visitors every month. That kind of environment, which consists mostly of players who record videos and then upload them, is also a big draw on YouTube.

But San Francisco-based Twitch was leading the live broadcast market, and was growing so fast that it became the focus of a bidding war between Google, Yahoo, and Amazon last year. Amazon finally scooped it up in August for almost $1 billion.

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