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Live VR Streaming Is Made Easy With The Orah 4i (FastCompany)

source: FastCompany

With the launch over the last 10 days of both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, consumer virtual reality is very much the technology of the moment. Now, add live high-quality streaming VR to the mix.

Today, Silicon Valley’s VideoStitch launched the Orah 4i camera, a system that allows users to live-stream 4K quality VR video right out of the box.

Priced initially at $1,795–its eventual full retail price will be $3,595–the Orah camera is meant for wirelessly broadcasting live VR streams of everything from small theater productions to kids’ soccer games.

For now, Orah doesn’t offer its own platform, but users can watch content produced on the camera on any existing VR headset, the company said.

According to VideoStitch CEO Nicolas Burtey, the Orah system’s magic is its ability to auto-stitch VR content on the fly, rather than needing any kind of manual post-production stitching. Stitching is the process of blending imagery from multiple cameras that capture a scene in 360 degrees.

There are other live-streaming VR cameras on the market, such as the $500 Allie. But Burtey said Orah is a step above, offering a higher frame rate and higher resolution. As well, he said the Orah shoots with ambisonic sound, thanks to four microphones embedded in the camera.

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