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Rakuten Product Updates: New Measurement Capabilities and PMP Best Practices (powered by LoopMe)

Rakuten Advertising’s latest media product launch provides advertisers and agencies with greater insight into campaign performance. Today we explore these benefits and gain insight from our programmatic media expert on best practices for working PMP deals.

LoopMe Brand Lift Survey Measurement

Brand lift surveys allow advertisers and agencies to go beyond impressions and measure the impact of branding efforts across all Rakuten Advertising media platforms – Rakuten TV, Rakuten Viki, Rakuten Viber and Rakuten France.

Advertisers and agencies can now measure awareness, consideration and purchase intent, utilizing the newly launched LoopMe Brand Lift Survey via Rakuten Advertising. By leveraging the results of the survey, clients gain insight into the value of their advertising activity.

Brand Lift Surveys are now available to clients working with Rakuten Advertising in the following markets:

  • Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Nordics and Benelux

  • Southeast Asia: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

  • North America: USA and Canada

PMP Best Practice

Did you know you can buy PMP deals through the Rakuten Exchange? The Rakuten Exchange is the only direct source of accessing our owned and operated media properties, Rakuten TV, Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Viki and Rakuten France.

Nicki Yang, Senior Programmatic Partnerships Manager, provides best practices for PMP deals:

  • Objectives and KPIs: Share business and campaign objectives and KPIs with media partners so they can recommend the best solution and optimization strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Targeting: Consider how the targeting strategies are employed. Are you over-targeting and struggling to scale? Is audience targeting limited on the buy-side? Work with your media partners to discuss targeting needs. Discussing needs enables partners to work with you and suggest solutions that drive the campaign’s objectives without limiting scale.

  • Budget: Provide partners with updates and insights in any daily or campaign budget caps. This insight helps your partners to ensure they have the right inventory at the right price to meet budget limitations.

  • Agencies: Share who the brand you’re working with is so media partners can assess if the brand is a good match for their users and permit them if they are on a blacklist.

  • Bidding Strategy: Are there preferred platforms you would like to use? Are your bids not winning as often as you want? Are you getting access to the inventory you need? Share your needs with partners and ensure you’re working together to drive campaign success.

  • Communicate changes: Communicate any updates or changes to campaigns such as targeting, KPIs, budget, flight dates, etc. Communicating changes allows media partners to make any necessary changes for campaign success.

  • Get everyone involved: PMPs do not always work right away. Troubleshooting can be necessary for making a PMP successful. Share the contact details of those involved so that any problems can be solved as quickly as possible.

  • Creative Specs: Understand and follow the partner’s specs to save time on troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Rakuten TV Multi-screen

Rakuten TV multi-screen offers brands a way to connect with cord cutting audiences during their favorite moment of the day. By combining the largest screen in the house and the power of mobile, brands can connect with qualified and engaged audiences across devices. Key features include:

  • Cross platform branding opportunities.

  • Brand safe and cookieless environment.

  • Family and friends favorite entertainment portal powered by Rakuten TV.

For more information about Rakuten Advertising media products, including accessing PMP deals, visit and speak to an expert.

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