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Talon North America Partners with LoopMe to Close the Loop in Measurement for OOH Advertising

Source: MartechSeries

Talon, a leading independent Out of Home (OOH) media specialist, announced that it has joined forces with LoopMe, the outcomes-based advertising platform, to harness attribution, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to measure and deliver real world outcomes for advertisers. The partnership will provide Talon and its roster of brand and agency clients in North America with access to the most comprehensive OOH measurement capabilities in the market.

“Advertisers today demand consistent, accurate and objective measurement when evaluating media performance across channels, including OOH. We have a shared vision with LoopMe to advance OOH advertising by measuring and quantifying its true impact throughout the customer journey with market-leading technology solutions,” said Jonathan Conway, COO of Talon North America. “With this partnership, we’re driving our commitment to collaborating with our clients to test, learn and optimize their OOH strategies.”

LoopMe’s full-stack technology platform, which Talon will leverage to quantify post-ad exposure, goes beyond baseline ad metrics, such as audience impressions and reach. By using an extensive audience data pool and AI algorithms, they are able to identify real uplift outcomes, such as awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic, and offline sales. Furthermore, as the ad campaign is in flight, LoopMe can provide meaningful and actionable intelligence on its performance, allowing for the flexibility to pivot strategies accordingly to achieve brand and business goals.

The LoopMe platform is the latest addition to Talon’s unmatched OOH technology and data stack, which includes Ada, the Company’s OOH data management platform, and Plato, Talon’s automated trading platform. Combined with Talon’s strategic integrated approach to OOH, the OOH media specialist is making it possible to maximize client budgets and link OOH investments directly to business performance metrics. These capabilities are now table stakes for brands and agencies, and Talon is paving the way for the OOH industry by making the right partnerships and technology investments.


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